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Those people who tried so hard and for so long to crush me, you, our children, the economy, and our freedoms are backpedaling as fast as they can.

Those alleged leaders who put so much effort into grinding the heel of their boot into your face and mine are positioning themselves to evade the accountability they so richly deserve.

Do not forget who tried to take away your health, wealth, and freedom.

Forgive, but do not ever forget.

DIscussion for today:

  • Starbucks drops vaccination requirement for their 349K staff.
  • GE drops vaccination requirement for their 174k staff.
  • Boeing drops vaccination requirement for their 141k staff.
  • Amtrak, Union Pacific, and BNSF all drop vaccination requirement for their staff.

Previously in part 1.

  • A year ago this would have gotten your on-line accounts banned and gotten you cancelled:  CDC acknowledges prior infection provides more protection than vaccinations.
  • England lifts ALL covid restrictions. Yes, all.
  • WHO recommends all international travel be resumed and no more checking of vaccination status before international travel.

It would appear that a growing number of alleged leaders in the business world have slowly come to the conclusion that killing their company is not a bright idea. Corporate suicide is not a promising strategy to increase value of those juicy stock options.

As mentioned in part 1, if you find lots of sarcasm along with point-and-laugh-out-loud ridicule in these two posts, my apologies.  I really wish I had the ability to pour on the heads of our supposed leaders the full dose of ridicule these ‘leaders’ have so richly earned.

When you read below of the about-face by GE, keep in mind how harshly they dealt with staff who filed for a religious exemption.

At issue is all the covid vaccines were either developed or produced using fetal stem cells somewhere in the process. This is deeply offensive for some people of faith.

For anyone who requested a religious accommodation, GE gave the person a list of about 20 medicines and asked if the person had ever used any of them. The handout asserted all those items were either developed, tested, or produced using fetal stem cell tissue. The handout then asked the applicant to provide a theological explanation for the distinction between using any one of those meds and getting a covid vaccination.

That is some serious hardball.


GE says never mind – don’t get a shot if you don’t feel like it for any reason. No further questions will be asked.

Reuters – 1/19/22 – Starbucks suspends vaccine, test requirement after US court ruling – Starbucks dropped its requirement that all staff be vaccinated or regularly tested.

Quick check on the ol’ net shows Starbucks has 349,000 employees.

CNBC – 1/14/22 – GE suspends Covid vaccine and testing roles after Supreme Court blocks Biden mandate – Massive conglomerate General Electric dropped the requirement that all staff be vaccinated or regularly tested. The company reportedly had 174,000 employees at the start of 2021.

Presumably they realized they would not be able to continue operating if they lost 3% or 5% or 8% of their 174K staff on one day.

Please recall comments above that GE was taking a harsh stand against anyone who dared claim a religious exemption. GE was ready to hammer any employee who ever used one of those medicines as an excuse to deny a religious exemption from vaccination.

Now that is a radical backpedal.

WNCT 9 – 12/17/21 – Boeing drops Covid-19 vaccine mandate – Boeing dropped their vaccination requirement. Quick check at their website shows Boeing had 141,014 employees as of 1/1/21.

Article quotes a statement from Boeing that

“..over 92% of the company’s US-based workforce…”

are vaccinated or have an approved waiver for religious or medical reasons.

I guess that means Boeing realized they would not be able to continue operations if on one set day they fired 8% of their engineers and skilled technicians, to say nothing of dumping 8% of their back office staff.

New York Times – 12/17/21 – Boeing joins other federal contractors in dropping its vaccine mandate – Article reports Amtrak, Union Pacific, and BNSF Railway also dropped their vaccination requirement.

An amusing and rather understated comment in the article indicates some employers, only a few mind you, are saying a vaccine mandate is um, ah, making it a tad more difficult to bring on staff when workers are already in short supply.

No kidding.

And firing anywhere from 2% up to 8% of your staff all on one day might make it just a tad more difficult to keep operating.

Like I said earlier, a few corporate leaders have figured out that corporate suicide is not a smart business strategy.


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