Preliminary list of people who owe us apologies for the damage they caused. First round of admissions to overcounting Covid deaths.

Counting Covid deaths using CDC methodology. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Now that Covid infection rates have collapsed in the United States, our political and public health ‘leaders’ are backtracking on the steps they took which caused so much damage.

Before they take credit for a virus variant running its course and fading away, we need to be pay attention to all those who caused trauma by their actions and who had their thumb on the scales when quantifying the impact of the virus.

Articles for your consideration today:

  • CDC “accidentally” overcounted Covid deaths.
  • Massachusetts overcounted Covid deaths by including deaths from any cause whatsoever if a person had an infection diagnosis within 60 days prior to death.
  • An incomplete list of people and organizations who owe us profuse apologies for the damage they have caused.

3/18/22 – Reuters – CDC reports fewer COVID-19 pediatric deaths after data correction – CDC reduced their tally of deaths caused by Covid by 72,277. This includes 416 pediatric fatalities.

That is a 24% drop in the number of children they count as having died because of Covid. With the revised tally of 966,575 deaths in total that means they reduced the total count by 7.5%.


Final comments on predictions:  Damage caused by government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

This is a visual illustration of what we will eventually conclude the federal and state governments accomplished by their policies during the pandemic. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Now is the time to put these prediction into print.

Introduction to this series is here.

The predictions are here.

Why now?

I’ve been writing about the devastation caused by the shutdowns for just under 2 years. Have been mulling over these predictions for well over a year.

Why didn’t I post these thoughts a year ago?


Predictions: Damage caused by government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

How much harm was caused by government reaction to the pandemic? I will put into print my predictions of what we eventually learn of the damage willfully caused by the federal and state governments.

Introduction to this series is here.

Concluding comments are here.

Over the last two years reports have surfaced here and there hinting at the following predictions. In the next few months more reports will emerge.

It will take honest, serious researchers years before statistically valid research provides solid evidence for these predictions. Strong, verifiable, reproducible proof will emerge with time.

I predict that in a decade or two there will be a consensus throughout the country that the government reaction to the coronavirus pandemic was the worst, most destructive government policy in U.S. history.

Seven predictions follow:

1 – Government response caused more deaths as measured by years-of-life-lost than deaths prevented by the government response as measured by years-of-life-lost.


Introduction to predictions: Damage caused by government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

It is time to lay down my predictions about what we will eventually conclude about the damage caused by the government reaction to the coronavirus pandemic.

It will take time, but we will eventually prove government actions caused horrible damage. We will quantify the destruction willfully inflicted.

The predictions are here.

Concluding comments are here.

Since April 2020 I have been writing about the damage caused by the economic shutdown imposed by federal and state governments. Over 200 posts on this blog point out the economic, political, social, educational, and medical damage directly caused by government action.

I started writing in early April 2020 calling out the danger of lockdowns with my first direct complaint on 4/26/20 about the damage caused by government actions.

To lay down my first marker, here is the headline and first paragraph from back in late April 2020:


Just like that, the mask mandates evaporate over the weekend.

The science changed over the weekend of February 5, 2022 so all those signs can be removed because masks aren’t needed. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Mask mandates are going away everywhere. It is almost as if a memo went out over the weekend of February 5, 2022 to all the people who have had their boot firmly planted on our face that they should switch to sneakers.  

I’ll leave it for you to consider what has caused this radical change in ‘science’ over one weekend.

Regardless of the cause, the floodgate opened.

Consider articles describing what has happened this week:

  • California will lift the blanket indoor mask mandate.
  • New Jersey, Oregon, Connecticut, and Delaware do the same.
  • Nevada joins in.
  • Los Angeles County slightly relaxes their mask requirements.
  • Eight counties in the Bay Area will lift their mask mandate.

Almost fell out of my chair reading one comment in the San Francisco Chronicle article discussed below. Unidentified public health officials are arriving at a conclusion which was achieved by dozens of other states approximately 23 months ago. I will quote the article, because otherwise you would think I’m imagining this:

“…officials say they plan to ease away from legal mandates to dictate behavior and instead trust individuals to make their own health decisions, including whether and when to wear masks.”

Wow. Only took two years to make that realization. I guess that’s better than never.

Until this month, a trust-the-public attitude was prohibited, with penalty of banishment from the public square for anyone who held such a radical, heretical concept. After the weekend, trusting people to make their own decisions is suddenly acceptable.

The New Jersey and Nevada governors also made previously-heretical comments.

More details:


Covid restrictions getting lifted across northern Europe, including all of Scandinavia.

Leaders in a few countries in Northern Europe started taking the above medicine, now available over the counter. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

An astounding outbreak of common sense has appeared in Europe, spreading especially to all the countries of Scandinavia, I am pleased to report.

England has already lifted restrictions. Countries finding common sense, then letting their people out from under the jackboot of Covid restrictions include:

  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Sweden

I do hope this emergence of rational thought visible in northern Europe is the beginning of a worldwide outbreak of common sense over the next few weeks.

More details:


Elitists with lower levels of elite privilege who don’t have a clue. Or, they know they are sufficiently privileged to be exempt from all Covid restrictions.

Its good to be the king. Or at least a prince. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

There are elites at a lower levels of the elitism hierarchy who still have sufficient privilege to be exempt from all Covid rules. Or maybe like the tip-top-level elitists, they also are fully convinced there is no danger from Covid. Or perhaps they just enjoy flaunting their power over you, your kids, and me.

Hopefully there will come a day when these flaming hypocrites will be forced to explain themselves. Not likely to ever happen, but I can dream.

For today’s round of point-and-laugh-out-loud amusement:

  • California redistricting commission celebrates without masks.
  • Article wonders if public health officials are “dangerously close” to wiping out all their credibility…ya’ think?
  • Faculty and staff at Northern Illinois University party on without masks while they prohibit students from even eating or drinking while sitting in class watching remote video feed.

By the way, ridicule and laughter is the most appropriate way to respond to the non-ending list of flaming hypocrites we read about every other day.


Grim news from Denmark on evaporating vaccine effectiveness.

Visualization of Covid vaccine effectiveness. Except for the part about effectiveness going negative. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

A study of all Covid infections in Denmark over a three-week period of time shows vaccine effectiveness against Omicron not only evaporates but goes negative after three months. Yes, negative.

Unsafe Space on Substack – 1/19/22 – Do The Covid Shots Work Against Omicron? – The short answer, according to a study of all cases in Denmark occurring during three weeks last fall?

Covid shots only work against Omicron for around 30 days, falling off to minimal effectiveness at 90 days. After that you’d be better off not having a shot.

According to that research, sitting here in late January 2022, if you got your double shots earlier than October 2021 you are wide open to catching omicron. That might explain why almost everybody you know has been sick in the last month, regardless of their vaccination status.

More details…


The research report, which can be found here, looked at all PCR-confirmed Covid infections in Denmark between 11/20/21 and 12/12/21.

The researchers calculated vaccine effectiveness (VE) for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, with the calculation broken out into 30 day increments since full effectiveness. Fourteen days after the second shot is when one gains full effectiveness.

Researchers further calculated VE against the Delta and Omicron variants.