Counting Covid deaths using CDC methodology. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Now that Covid infection rates have collapsed in the United States, our political and public health ‘leaders’ are backtracking on the steps they took which caused so much damage.

Before they take credit for a virus variant running its course and fading away, we need to be pay attention to all those who caused trauma by their actions and who had their thumb on the scales when quantifying the impact of the virus.

Articles for your consideration today:

  • CDC “accidentally” overcounted Covid deaths.
  • Massachusetts overcounted Covid deaths by including deaths from any cause whatsoever if a person had an infection diagnosis within 60 days prior to death.
  • An incomplete list of people and organizations who owe us profuse apologies for the damage they have caused.

3/18/22 – Reuters – CDC reports fewer COVID-19 pediatric deaths after data correction – CDC reduced their tally of deaths caused by Covid by 72,277. This includes 416 pediatric fatalities.

That is a 24% drop in the number of children they count as having died because of Covid. With the revised tally of 966,575 deaths in total that means they reduced the total count by 7.5%.

Ponder for a moment: CDC has overcount the total deaths by 7.5% and overcounted pediatric deaths by 24%.

Asserted reason for the correction is the CDC’s algorithm was “accidentally counting” deaths which were not from Covid as if they were caused by Covid. Just an accident you understand.

Um, okay, if they say so. Is absolutely inconceivable they were kinda’, sorta’ fudging the numbers to create additional panic. Nah. Not even possible.

3/22/22 – Facts Matter, at Epoch Times –  4,081 Deaths Removed From COVID State Registry Due to ‘Significant Overcount’ by Officials – As just mentioned, CDC reduced their pediatric death count by 24% and total deaths by 7.5%. Due to programming error, of course.

Now the Massachusetts state officials have dropped 4,081 deaths from their tally of people who died because of Covid.

A bit of background is necessary to explain the revision, so please hold the laughter until I explain their reason.

The definition of Covid caused deaths which they have been using is either:

  • Covid is listed as the cause of death on a death certificate or
  • a person died from any cause whatsoever when there was a Covid illness diagnosed within 60 days prior to death.

Let me rephrase that… If someone had been infected by covid, no matter how serious or mild, within six or seven or eight weeks prior to death that counts as a Covid death. Someone may have had a very mild case and may have been fully recovered for six or eight weeks, yet the death from some totally unrelated cause counts as a Covid death.

They are now reducing the cutoff for previous infection to 30 days.

If you had a Covid diagnosis 30 days prior to dying from any cause whatsoever you’re passing is officially a Covid death.

Yeah, you read that right. If someone dies from advanced cancer, homicide, automobile accident, airplane crash, industrial accident, or meteor strike that counts as a covid death if the person had a detectable Covid infection within 30 days of death.

You may now start laughing.

3/6/22 – Karol Markowicz at New York Post – Why we must demand that leaders who got Covid wrong admit it and apologize – Author starts the apology parade by admitting it was inappropriate to close schools. She apologizes for being wrong when calling for schools to be closed initially. She is appalled that schools are still disrupted in so many places. Her comment:

“I never imagined that ‘two weeks to slow the spread’ would turn into two years, and counting, of pausing the lives of children to accommodate hypochondriac adults.”

She calls on other people to apologize for their leadership in causing horrible damage to children, adults, and the overall economy. Her preliminary list:

  • School board leaders who decided to close schools, including local and state leaders who encouraged or approved school closures.
  • Public health agencies. Shattering of public trust in supposed health experts is merely one aspect of the apologies which are due.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci specifically has plenty of things for which he should apologize.
  • A host of county, state, and national politicians. They partied maskless throughout the pandemic while lots of preschoolers are still wearing masks as of last week. They imposed restrictions causing damage which is still affecting us.
  • A host of media organizations and reporters who for two years have functioned as little more than mouthpieces of the previously mentioned individuals and organizations.

I will add to the list of people who owe us profuse apologies:

  • Dr. Collins.
  • A host of religious leaders at the local congregational and denominational level who immediately and continuously bent the knee to the Emperor by shutting down worship services. They withheld spiritual care in terms of in-person fellowship, Holy Communion, and community prayer.
  • Federal Reserve Bank and U.S. Congress, for flooding the economy with trillions upon trillions of dollars which is the leading factor causing our current inflation.

Eventually, the religious leaders will be held accountable by Someone Just for a teeny, tiny point of comparison, back in the 1500s, Pastor Martin Luther continued to provide spiritual care to people during outbreaks of the Bubonic Plague. Instead of locking down, he was pastoring during the plague.


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