The Department of Hypocrisy is well staff in the U.S., England, and Finland.
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The roster is continually growing of flaming hypocrites who routinely ignore they rules they demand we follow. Just a few of the most recent illustrations of our ruling overlords exempting themselves from their dictats:

  • Prime Minister of Finland kinda’ sorta’ blew off instructions to isolate because of covid-exposure and instead partied the night away. She is part of the ‘new generation’ and therefore she can do whatever she feels like. She is doubly exempt from any rules because she is Prime Minister and she is also 37 years old which means she can do as she wishes.
  • Prime Minister of England held a Christmas party last year when such gatherings were explicitly banned and his spokesperson laughed as she explained the party would be categorized as a “business meeting.”
  • Dr. Fauci parties at a book signing; is quoted as saying he takes his mask off whenever he feels like it.
  • Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer parties at a DC bar without a mask when mask was required except when eating or drinking. Staff at the bar say she was neither eating nor drinking while maskless.

Do our ruling overlords actually believe there is danger?

The only conclusion we can draw from this nonstop stream of in-your-face hypocrisy is our alleged political leaders don’t really believe Covid is dangerous. By their behavior they show the rules they require or endorse or enforce are not really necessary.

Lost track of who said it on Twitter, so I cannot give proper credit for this analogy. This person observed that if you told your neighbor there were multiple landmines in your front yard and the next day you are jumping up and down in your front yard, your neighbor wouldn’t consider you a hypocrite.

Your neighbor would conclude that you were knowingly, willfully lying about the deadly threat. Your neighbor would be absolutely convinced that you were certain there was no danger of any sort.

Today’s round of flaming hypocrites:

Daily Mail – 12/8/21 – Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin, 36, apologizes for going clubbing until 4 AM after “missing” a text telling her to isolate phone contact with Covid-positive minister –Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, went out to dinner with her husband, did some shopping, and was then drinking and dancing until 4 AM. She kinda’ sorta’ “forgot” to take her cell phone with her as she went out and partied the night away.

The only teeny, tiny issue is before she went out to party the night away she received a text message telling her she was required to isolate because she was in close contact with the then-covid-positive Foreign Minister.

Yeah, well, she partied for probably another eight or 10 hours after she supposed to be isolated.

Published photos revealed her partying in the small hours of the morning and she had to apologize for her little ol’ lapse of judgment.

Her sorry-not-sorry apology included this entertaining confession:

“I should have used better judgment and double-check the guidance given to me. I am very sorry for not understanding that I needed to do that.”

Oh, that makes it okay. As the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister, she doesn’t have the brainpower to understand she has to check the public safety instructions she is given. We’re cool, right?

She is not only exempt from rules required for everyone else in Finland because she is the senior politician in the country, but she is also excellent because of her youth.

In October she was criticized for having parties at her official residence and also putting up social media posts that give the impression she was endorsing friends’ fashion designs.

Her response? Check it out:

“Hey boom-boom-boomer, put some ice in your hat and cool it.”

So basically, she flipped off the old fuddy-duddies who have this silly old-fashioned idea that she should not be abusing the power of her office.

She doubled down on her arrogance and ignorance by emphasizing she doesn’t have to follow society’s rules because she is young. I will quote her comment in an on-the-record interview just in case you think I’m making this up:

  • “I’m a representative of the younger generation, and yes, that’s reflected in the way I do my work and how I live.”

Not mentioned in the article is the staggering irresponsibility of a head of state not taking her official phone with her as she was out on the town from dinnertime until 4 a.m.

A head of state without key communication for eight or ten hours. Head of state! Astounding.

Sp!ked – 12/8/21 – They’re laughing at us – On December 18, 2020, yes one year ago, the political leadership in England held a Christmas party at 10 Downing Street. There were somewhere between 40 and 50 people present, including journalists (note the plural).

At the time, not only were Christmas parties explicitly prohibited but the rule specifically said two or more people could not gathering indoors.

A couple days after the party, the PM’s official spokesmen denied the event took place. Then they said it was allowed under the “business meeting” exemption.

A video has now emerged of the then-spokesman for the Prime Minister, Allegra Stratton, on camera joking that they could just call it a “business meeting” and therefore allowed. She continued to suggest that they would say it wasn’t a party but instead they were just having some cheese and wine. She is described as laughing throughout her comments.

The leadership in England was laughing at the nation’s citizens subjects.

Laughing at them.

The leadership knew there breaking the rules, did so anyway, and laughed at all of us.

Author of the article analyzes the flaming hypocrisy as follows:

“In truth, our leaders have only ever performed adherence to the rules. They like to be photographed and filmed in the masks a social distance, at stage-managed press conferences and photo-ops. But they’re constantly being caught looking relaxed, unmasked, and normal when they think the camera is not looking.”

Author points out that day before the non-Christmas non-party, police broke up a wedding with 40 people. The day of the now-labeled business meeting, police broke up another gathering and are prosecuting the participants.

Author points out the blatant, intentional, flaming hypocrisy is not even the worst issue.

Far deeper is the open contempt the political leadership has towards everyday people. We cannot be trusted to keep ourselves safe so we must be commanded what to do, with voluminous regulations, under penalty of crushing fines and possible jail time. With the leadership of course exempt from those rules.

Remember, the British leadership is laughing at us.

Washington Free Beacon – 11/19/21 – RECKLESS:  Anthony Fauci Attends Book Party at Elite Italian Bistro, Violates DC Mask Mandate – Regulations in Washington DC required wearing a mask at all indoor events, regardless of whether a person has been vaccinated or not. That dictat was scheduled to expire on 11/22/21.

The requirement was still in effect when Dr. Anthony Fauci attended a book party, inside Washington DC, at an elite restaurant, on 11/16/21.

He wore a mask sometimes and other times he took it off. Published reports indicate he put a mask on and off depending on who was standing next to him. When asked about it, he is quoted by Politico as saying:

“I just decided that if anyone came up to me that they didn’t know, I would put my mask on.”

The diktat to wear masks at all indoor events did not have a “but I know the person standing next to me” exception.

However, like all requirements during the Covid endemic, there is a fine print elitist exception. If you have power, are from Hollywood, hold an elected office, are a public health official, or have other predefined privileged status, you may follow the rules when you feel like it and may ignore the rules when you’re in the mood to do so.

Breitbart – 11/30/21 –  Jill Biden goes maskless as children forced to wear masks at the White House for Christmas event– The First Lady hosted an event at the White House to read a Christmas book to a group of gathered children. The young children were required to wear masks. She, of course, is exempt from such rules and was maskless during the event.

Of course.

Washington Free Beacon – 10/25/21 – Whitmer Parties Maskless at DC Hotspot Before Bailing on McAuliffe EventMichigan governor Gretchen Whitmer partied in a bar maskless, when local rules required a mask unless you were in the process of eating or drinking at the moment your mask is off. She was doing neither according to staff in the bar.

Oh, event was also standing-room only so social distancing was not possible.

Article cites three other incidents when she blew off the rules she required for you and me and everyone in the state of Michigan.


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