Those little critters are smart enough to follow written instructions from the LA Department of Public Health. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Those little Covid critters are really, reeeeeally smart.

How smart are they?, I hear you ask.

They are so smart that they accessed, read, and comprehended correspondence from the Los Angeles County Department of Health that all those people sitting shoulder to shoulder at the Emmys were perfectly safe without wearing any masks.

Thus, those little bugs obediently obeyed.

They stayed away from the Emmys, thus guaranteeing the vaccinated people sitting eight to a table, with tables close together, with hugs freely shared, snuggling close together for photos would not get sick while at the event.

Yes, I am being sarcastic. No, I did not make up any of this.

Check out TMZ’s reporting on 9/20/21: 2021 Emmys – Covid-safe, No Masks Required… LA County Response to Seth Rogan. Also check out later rewrites of the news, one of which was at New York Post on 9/24/21: Emmys granted exemption to Covid-19 mask rules.

The straight-faced news is the LA health staff gave the Emmys permission to allow all attendees and production staff to skip the mask routine and to skip the social distancing requirement.

Turns out that television, film, and music productions in LA County are officially exempted from the mask requirements and social distancing rules. You and I just have to understand that people in those industries are extra special. Oh, and the Emmys have official exemption as a television production.

The official line is everyone attending was fully vaccinated and had a negative PCR Covid test within 48 hours. That means two days before the event they were not sick.

That also means that the bugs were on notice that they were required to stay away from everyone who was scheduled to go to the event between the time of their PCR test and the event. And every one of those little critters complied, under threat of legal enforcement.

If it stretches your imagination to believe that every one of those little Covid bugs followed orders of the LA public health people to stay away from the event and followed orders to stay away from the people who were scheduled to attend, there are two other possible explanations.

First, perhaps the ruling elite have just decided that they never have to be bothered by all the rules that you and I have to follow because they are obviously better than us.

Second, perhaps public health officials, politicians, and self-appointed elitists actors and actresses all know the masks are useless and thus the requirement is just panic theater.

As for me, I don’t think the millions of Covid bugs in the air have sufficiently advanced reading comprehension to understand the LA health department’s royal proclamations.


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