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Because of travel and other matters, I’ve taken a break from blogging the last few weeks. Have been on a rigorous news diet as well, which was delightful.

In the last couple of days I started tuning in to the news.

The craziness from allegedly educated people in the public health sector is staggering. Lots of officials have moved to crazyland while I took a short break.

Today’s discussion:

  • LAUSD will require all students and staff to be tested weekly for infection even if vaccinated.
  • Protests emerging worldwide against lockdowns.
  • Maine church files for preemptive injunction in attempt to prevent future repression of religious freedom.

The slide into crazyland

Things can always get worse…

You thought CDC recommending everyone wear masks indoors was bad. Just wait…

Early yesterday the US Secretary of Defense arrived in the Philippines for consultations.

He is fully vaccinated so he is safe from the ‘rona, at least that is what the ‘science’ has boldly declared morning, noon, and night for the last year.


He wore a mask.

And a face shield.

And goggles.

And gave a fist bump to the three Air Force staff people who greeted him.

Mask, goggles, face shield, and cool kid fist bump.

7/29/21 – KTLA, Los Angeles – LAUSD to require Covid-19 testing for all students and staff, regardless of vaccination status Los Angeles Unified, the second largest school district in the country, will require all students and all staff to get tested on a weekly basis.

It does not matter whether the students and staff have been vaccinated before. It does not matter whether they had been sick before and therefore have full immunity (at least that is what ‘science’ consistently told us up until about March of 2020).

Everyone will be tested. Every week. Every student. Every staff person.

Of course that is on top of full masking, maintaining social distance, and washing hands every time someone touches anything.

Oh, by the way, I did a few moments of research on how much this will overload the public health sector.

The seven day average for testing in LA County is 47,380 tests a day. That is 331,660 tests per week.

LAUSD has 664,774 students and 26,556 teachers. That is 691,330 students and staff.

That means LA County will have to step up from about 331,000 tests per week now to about 1,022,000 per week by 8//16/21 when school is scheduled to start.

The county will merely have to triple its testing capacity starting less than three weeks from today (1,022K / 331K = 209% increase).

Even if you got a vaccination, you’re gonna’ die right after you kill everyone else…

7/29/21 – The Blaze – US Surgeon General recommends fully vaccinated people wear masks outdoors to protect the unvaccinated – The US Surgeon General presumably has a medical degree, unlike the social worker who is running the Los Angeles County public health department.

The Surgeon General had a long interview with a newsreader from MSNBC. In the interview the Surgeon General recommended that fully vaccinated people should start wearing a mask outdoors to prevent infecting unvaccinated people.


In the fresh air.

I did not watch the interview, but will make the reasonable assumption he was not laughing.

Pushing back

7/24/21 – PJ Media – The World Has Had It With China Flu Lockdowns: Protests Rock Cities All Over The Globe Central Paris, West Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Detroit, 3 cities near Detroit, Grand Rapids (Michigan), Dublin, Belfast, Turin (Italy), London, Manchester.

Protests are breaking out all over the world, to include riot level conflict between free-born citizens and police.

Sounds reasonable in light of requirement for “Covid-free” letter to enter a restaurant in Paris, four week long hard lockdown in Sydney, Australia, only vaccinated/Covid-free people can dine indoors in Ireland, and only someone with a “green pass” can go to restaurant/ theater/ swimming pool/ sports arena in Italy.

7/29/21 – Roys Report – Maine Church Seeks Preemptive Ban on Covid-19 Restrictions – Calvary Chapel in Bangor, Maine filed a motion with the US Supreme Court seeking a preemptive injunction against the governor of Maine to prevent her from imposing lockdowns or other restrictions on churches in the state. Apparently the state-imposed restrictions on churches in Maine were fairly harsh.

I don’t think a preemptive injunction is going to go very far, but it is a good step.

Count this church as another one who will stand up for their religious freedom.


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