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Feel free to laugh. Or cry if you wish. Two more politicians demonstrate they are exempt from the rules they require us lowly, common peasants to follow.

Also, two politicians realize it, um, maybe, possibly, is time to get the economy started. Oh yeah, that is in spite of infection rate spike in New York State.

Today’s source of entertainment which would be funny if the human impact from the lockdowns had not been so devastating for the last 10 months:

  • County manager in North Carolina announces she intends to ignore travel restrictions
  • It is perfectly okay for Mayor DeBlasio to have a private dance in Times Square on New Year’s Eve even as everyone else is required to stay home
  • Chicago mayor wants to reopen bars and restaurants even though the relevant statistics show it the city is a long from otherwise being able to reopen
  • New York Gov. realizes there may not be much left of the economy if we don’t open up quickly.

12/23/20 – Red State – NC Official Says She Will Travel For Christmas After Telling Residents To Stay Home. Her Justification Is Priceless – Behold the power of rationalization.

Dena Diorio, County Manager of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina told residents to “stay home and only be around those you live with” during the Christmas holiday.

She is such a bold hypocrite that in the same press conference she said she would be driving to Durham, North Carolina during the holiday to be with family.

When challenged, she explained that she is special.

Just so you don’t think I’m making this up, I will quote this flaming hypocrite as quoted in the article:

“I know who the family is, I know where they spend their time, so I feel comfortable making that trip”


“It’s two people in a household, it’s not a group. It’s a very small number of people and I feel very confident about their safety.”

Oh, how I wish that every American had the freedom to make their own independent risk assessment on what is safe for them in their circumstance.

1/2/21 – New York Post – “Tone deaf:” Critics blast DeBlasio’s dance display in empty Times Square – Times Square was shut down for the New Year’s celebration – the usual massive, shoulder-to-shoulder crowds were nowhere to be seen. Only 100 or so first responders were specially invited and they were kept in plywood pens to make sure they didn’t accidentally wander too close to each other. Those folks were there as window-dressing for television.

Also present?

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife. They enjoyed having the entirety of Times Square as their own private dance floor. For reasons totally incomprehensible, the mayor’s office released a video of the mayor and his wife dancing. In Times Square. After the New Year started. Enjoying what hundreds of thousands people were banned from doing.

Oh, and he was not restricted to a 10’ by 10’ plywood box.

As Mel Brooks once said in a movie:

“It’s good to be king!”

1/14/21 – Chicago Tribune – Mayor Lori Lightfoot pushing for Chicago bars and restaurants to reopen for indoor dining “as quickly as possible” – With a change in presidential administration imminent, which is obviously just a trifling mere coincidence, the Chicago mayor has decided that bars and restaurants ought to be open.

She will be asking the governor to allow the city to reopen even though the positivity rate is far above the threshold which would allow it and there are far fewer available hospital beds than required by the state rules.

Assess the timing for yourself.

1/11/21 – Fox Business – New York governor Andrew Cuomo gets heat for apparent pivot on reopening economy– The governor finally thinks that it’s time to reopen the economy. He tweeted:

“We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hit critical mass. The cost is too high. We will have nothing left open. We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely.”

Now that he has crashed the New York state and NYC economy with 10 months of lockdown he thinks is time to get things started.

He apparently is one of the people who thinks you can flip a switch to start or stop the economy. It doesn’t work like that.

Now he admits that we can’t wait for mass vaccination before trying to revive the moribund economy.

Assess the timing for yourself.


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