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Details keep emerging about the governor’s $500 a person dinner with six households present which was held inside even though the governor said it was outside.

Previously it was disclosed that a longtime friend who is a heavy hitter lobbyist was also at the meal. One article said what a deal for the lobbyist – the entire world knows he has the ear of the governor of the state of California. Superb advertising, huh?

New info is tumbling out. Photos of the meeting emerged Monday showing the meal was served inside.

News yesterday was names of two of the other diners.

The CEO of the California Medical Association (CMA) was present. CMA is the trade association for doctors.

Also attending was the senior lobbyist of CMA.

For more details, check out: Politico, 11/18/20 – California doctors’ top brass attended French Laundry dinner with Newsom.

So the husband in three of the couples were lobbying the governor. Add the governor & wife that only leaves two more couples.

We will wait to see who else was there.

So no big deal. Just a chance for bunch of buddies to relax and have a good time. Indoors. Without masks between bites. At over $500 a person. With five of their closest couple friends. Three of whom are lobbyists. Each with multiple business interests in front of the legislature.

Can’t wait to see what news pops today. Had to check online before publishing this post in case something else had already appeared in the last few hours.


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