It is past time to open the economy. Shopping by Antonio Tourino is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

On my daily walk yesterday I noticed a girl’s softball team (high school or younger) practicing. In other corner of park, six or eight boys were in football scrimmage (high school age). At another park I noticed a boy’s baseball team (elementary school age) practicing and half a dozen high school age boys working on their pitching arms. Also saw a few coaches, one coach, six parents, one coach, and one coach. Not a mask in sight.

I have noticed surface traffic on main streets in my area is picking up over the last week or two. Have had opportunity to be on the freeway during evening commute time recently and noticed the traffic volume has definitely picked up over what it was a couple weeks ago.

Other indications compliance with statewide house arrest is evaporating:

5/16/20 – Daily Bulletin – Some Inland Empire businesses reopened – defying coronavirus orders – Reporter was able to find eight businesses in Riverside and San Bernardino counties that have opened. Officials report they received a number of complaints about some of those businesses.

Each of the counties report they have received several thousand complaints during April and May about businesses that were open. Regulatory agencies have started investigations of some businesses – Alcoholic Beverage Control has contacted 10 businesses in Riverside County and the Barbering and Cosmetology regulators have started investigations of 53 businesses.

Indications from elsewhere:

Comments on twitter yesterday point to crowds beginning to appear in downtown Manhattan.

Other comments on twitter over last two weeks point to increasing foot and vehicle traffic in coastal communities of Southern California.

5/17/20 – USA Today / Northern Jersey – Americans stopped the economy, not politicians. And we will restart it

Various data points suggests free Americans started to withdraw, increase social distancing, and pull back from economic activity before the state politicians ordered us to stay home.

Article declares the economy will restart when we decide to venture out and business owners individually decide their business is ready. Governors and mayors do not have an “on” switch for the economy.

From my observation of some data points and casual observations, free Americans are starting to get out and starting to open up the economy regardless of whether we have permission from the politicians and alleged health experts.

Lack of consent for open-ended shutdown

There is no indication the authorities in Los Angeles County have any intention other than creating a smoking crater where there used to be a vibrant economy. (Angelenos can venture out when there is capacity to test every resident of the county every day!)

It is beginning to look like several governors have the same desire for their state.

We free citizens gave consent to taking two weeks to slow the curve. When that stretched to four, we consented.

We did not consent to another month or two of economic deep freeze across California, freeze until the end of July in Los Angeles County and June 15 in New York, and unknown end date for lockdown in Wisconsin.

No government official has consent from the people for another year or eighteen months ban on religious worship services in Illinois and an unknown number of months until worship services may resume in California.

With each passing day, we are seeing free Americans reclaiming our economy, our emotional and physical health, our political freedoms, and our religious freedoms.


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