Is it possible these might be future fashion accessories for the administrators in the Oakdale, California school district? Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

The foolishness of those who think they rule over you and me is growing week by week. The poor behavior, bad decision-making, and ill intent of those who think they have power is becoming more obvious.

The situation in the Oakdale, California school system is an emerging story. It has developed this week and the situation is deteriorating by the day. Might want to check online for current developments.

RedState – 2/4/22 – California High School “Barricaded” Unmasked Students in Unheated School GymWhat can we call this other than stupidity? Perhaps criminal? Perhaps deserving of a week in jail for every child abused?

The educational wizards in the Oakdale, California schools have implemented the cold treatment for students who will not submit to the mask diktat.

On day one, an eight-year-old and another child who showed up at school without a mask were put outside in the 43° weather, unsupervised by any adult, told to do their school work outside. Did I mention the near freezing temperature?

The cold treatment goes downhill from there.

Update 2/4/22: New report claims a school employee turned the heat down. It was not a case of just not turning the heat on. A staff person intentionally removed heat when children were barricaded in the gym.

On day two, lots more students showed up at one of the district’s high school without masks. They were herded into the gymnasium and told to do their school work in a chair. No desks, just chairs. No teachers. From the video, looks like there are about 100 of them under punishment.

The district’s titans of education, most of whom have advanced degrees, refused to turn on any heat in the chilled gymnasium. Not until police were summoned for a safety check was the heat turned on and then it was the police who did so. Even after a visit from the police, the administrators did not touch the thermostat.

On day three, students who showed up without a mask were threatened that they might not be allowed to graduate because of their heinous crimes against humanity of not wearing masks.

Tweet by another reporter asserts that in the 5,200 student district the number of students without masks is:

  • 200 at the high school
  • 150 at the Junior high
  • 90 across four elementary schools

From video, it like there are around 100 students in the unheated gymnasium. Add in the two who were sent outside into the 43° called to do their classwork adds up to just over 100 incidents of child abuse.

I think the correct definition under California Penal Code is “child endangerment.” I wonder if any of the perps, to include the superintendent, principals of the elementary and high schools, and an assortment of teachers who facilitated the child endangerment, will be facing criminal charges for their willful abuse of children and intentional abandonment of all responsibility.

Furthermore, I wonder how many parents will allow their children to continue being abused?

Wait. It gets worse…

NoMask.Info – 2/4/22 – WOW Student Across USA Walk Out In Protest of Mask Mandates – I think we will need help from psychologists to assess what specific mental illness is afflicting the school administration in Oakdale school district.

Photos show multiple tables blocking doors exiting the gymnasium at the time the students were barricaded. So ‘barricade’ is in fact the correct word. Headline in the previously cited article is not an exaggeration.

Blocking the exits from a large room with lots of people in it is a fire danger. Seems to my little pea brain that constitutes a direct, immediate threat to the safety of children. Some of the teachers and large portions of the administration ought to face criminal charges.

On 2/4/22 students who showed up at school without masks were prohibited access to the building.

According to this report, the school district is threatening to bring restrain orders against parents whose children do not have a mask and threatening to file abuse charges with CPS. They are also threatening to disenroll students. This on top of threating students they will not be allowed to graduate and won’t participate in any sports.

That might not be a real smart idea because there is lots of video documentation pointing towards it being the teachers, administration, and the superintendent who are visibly, directly, and willfully abusing children. If CPS investigates anyone, it ought to be administrators. Possible consequences should include a ban from future contact with minors.

Article has links to reports from around the state and a few other states of students standing up against the mask diktats.

Do stay tuned. I’ll guess there will be more news from Oakdale.


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