Demonstrated attitude of large portion of our political leaders here in the United States and around the world. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Today’s illustration of leaders blowing off Covid restrictions include the British Prime Minister and the Dutch Royal family.

That reminds me of a line from one of Mel Brooks’ movies, which I quoted above. More on that in a moment.

Mirror – 12/16/21 – Boris Johnson “joined No 10 staff for a Downing Street party during first lockdown” – Allegations have been raised Boris Johnson attended a pizza and wine party on May 15, 2020, yes a couple months into the pandemic. Reports claim 20 staff were present at the party with some of them staying until late at night. Get together took place after a press conference.

Mild denials suggest the P.M. only dropped by for a bit and left early.

My guess? This will be blown off as a staff meeting.

No biggie.

The Guardian, sourced to Agence France-Presse – 12/15/21 – Dutch Royals sorry for Princess Amalia birthday party that broke Covid rules – Royal family of Netherlands held a birthday bash to celebrate Princess Amalia’s 18th birthday. Reports claim at least 21 people were present.

At the time rules in the country prohibited having more than four guests in your home who were over 13 years old.

Math tip for the Royals: 21 is greater than 4.

After having gotten caught the royal family now “expresses regret.”

A letter to Parliament from the Prime Minister did not admit how many people attended but did indicate there were 21 invitations sent out.

In general, royalty tends to be astoundingly arrogant and pompous. The Prime Minister’s letter illustrates why royalty generally deserves nonstop contempt. He said:

“The king informed me that on reflection it was not a good idea to organize [the gathering].”

Not a good idea.


Upon reflection.

You mean, after they got caught.

Report says this is yet another in a series of incidents with the Dutch Royal family breaking Covid rules.

The pandemic is so horribly-terrible-we’re-all-gonna’die bad in the Netherlands that on 12/14/21, three days after the 12/11/21 birthday shindig, the government announced schools will be closing early for Christmas and a nighttime lockdown will be extended.

But the party three days earlier? That was okey-dokey.

Breitbart – 12/17/21 – Dutch Royal family held lockdown-breaking birthday bash – Well, there’s a few more details that have surfaced about the birthday party.

Remember the comment there were 21 invitations sent?

Well, reports say there may have been 100 people or more attending. That makes sense. One invitation would probably involve two parents and a couple of children.

Oh, about that nighttime lockdown which has been extended to 1/14/22… That basically cancels Christmas parties and get-togethers across the country.

But 100 people at a birthday party is okay.

As Mel Brooks said in that classic documentary History of the World, Part 1, as he fondled one woman, grabbed another, and um, ah, made close contact with Marie Antoinette:

“It’s good to be the king.”

When it comes to ignoring laws of the land and mandatory Covid restrictions, the Dutch king would likely agree.

So would the British Prime Minister.

And a host of American politicians.


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