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Our ruling overlords in California have decided to dictate another statewide mask requirement . Los Angeles county and several counties in the San Francisco Bay area have already mandated masks at any indoor location.

The mask diktat now covers all indoor locations in California.

Articles for your consideration:

  • California imposes statewide mask mandate.
  • New York imposes statewide mask mandate.
  • New York will not enforce statewide mandate.
  • Reminder that the coronavirus bug is smaller than the holes in a surgical mask.

Wall Street Journal – 12/13/21 – California to Reinstate Indoor Mask Mandate – Secretary of California Health and Human Service Agency royally declared that starting Wednesday, December 15, 2021, all Californian citizens subjects will be required to wear a mask at any indoor event.

Royal decree will run until January 15, 2021. 

Any guesses on whether this will be allowed to expire in January?

This follows the state of New York imposing a statewide mask mandate…

NBC New York – 12/13/21 – New NY Mask Mandate Now in Effect Amid Worst Covid Surge in 9 Months; Some Counties Balk – On 12/10/21, New York Governor Kathy Hochul dictated masks must be worn at all indoor locations unless the location requires proof of vaccination to enter.

The order by executive fiat went into effect on 12/13/21 and will expire on 1/15/22. Wanna’ bet?

The governor warned there are harsher steps on the horizon which she will impose if she feels like it.

Article says the CDC is reporting that of the over 40 people who have been identified as infected with the omicron variant, more than 75% of them had already been vaccinated. Breakthrough infections are rising rapidly in the state.

Article also reports that other states dictating mask mandates include Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, and Illinois.

On the other hand, the governor announced the mandate isn’t going to be enforced…

PJ Media – 12/13/21 – New York Won’t Force Counties to Comply With Mask Mandate – Governor Hochul announced on 12/13/21 that the state will not force any counties to take enforcement actions if the counties choose not to.

This is after a couple of counties announced they will not be enforcing the mandate.

Presumably, the governor has enough brains to know that if she tries to push the matter she will encounter extensive resistance at the county level, to say nothing of the store level.

I’m guessing she already knows there will be massive noncompliance by individuals.

As a reminder, the coronavirus bug is smaller than the holes in a standard surgical mask…

American Thinker – 11/29/21 – When All Else Fails, Bring Out the MasksThe actual medical doctor who wrote this article says the Covid bug measures somewhere in the range of 50 nm to 140 nm. The pores in the standard surgical mask measure between 300 nm and 10,000 nm. 

A nanometer (nm) is one billionth of a meter. A sheet of paper is 100,000 nm thick.

Those little critters measuring 140 nm (or smaller) have no trouble getting through the 300nm (or larger) holes in a mask.

Author points out travel bans, lockdowns, and masks did not stop Covid. Multiple reports confirm at best they only delayed Covid infections, not reduced the number of illnesses. Major lockdowns in spring 2020 went into effect after infection rates had either peaked or started to decline.

What shall we do about the rising infection rates now? Author speculated we will do again what didn’t work before.

He was right. Here come diktats imposing mask mandates.


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