Who should we listen to? Who, amongst our supposed leaders, has any idea what they are talking about? Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

At a time when the media is telling us this Covid pandemic will continue forever and there are frequent variants that will kill us all dead, who should we actually be paying attention to?

The possibilities:

  • people who know how to spell epidemiology, or
  • actual epidemiologists, or
  • people who are so convinced that Covid is deadly that they don’t bother to protect themselves; these are the people who also routinely ignore the rules they dictate we must follow.

People who know how to spell epidemiology and actually know someone they went to school with who is an epidemiologist:

Tweet by Martin Kulldorff

“The vocal pro-lockdown “public health scientists”, with their limited knowledge of infectious disease epidemiology, will be the last to recognize the public health disaster they created.”

Books are being released and will continue to be written for years about the mistakes, errors, willful misrepresentations, and deceptions coming from leaders in the public health sector. (There are vivid synonyms for “willful misrepresentations” and “deceptions”, but that is a topic for another day and future book reviews.)

Actual epidemiologists:

Times of India – 12/12/21 – Our ability to block Covid infections, even with vaccines, is short-lived: Dr. Sunetra Gupta – Dr. Gupta is an infectious disease epidemiologist who teaches at Oxford University. My description of her comments is we lose immunity quickly to bugs in the coronavirus family. The entire group of infectious agents has been studied for a long time and actual epidemiologists have a reasonably good understanding of how they behave.

She indicates natural immunity provides better protection than a vaccination, but both of them wear off after a relatively short period of time. She does not believe the boosters are worthwhile except for people over age 65 and pregnant women.

Her opening comment, which I will quote in part:

“One thing we have always known, because there are other coronaviruses circulating, is that we lose our immunity against infections very rapidly, whether the virus changes or not. So, the ability to block infection, even with the vaccine, is short-lived.… So, you might have omicron dominate now and a few years later, you might have Alpha come back. … But whichever way it is, you will get reinfections… That is the normal and natural dynamic of influenza and coronaviruses”

She compares using the lockdowns against Covid-19 to using a hammer against a fly on a glass window.

The hammer may or may not get the fly, but application of said hammer is guaranteed to shatter everything. Same with a lockdown.

People who are so convinced Covid is deadly that they routinely ignore the rules they mandate:

Final category of who we might listen to is flaming hypocrites who demonstrate by their behavior that they don’t really believe in the requirements they impose on us by diktat.

Washington Free Beacon – 11/19/21 – RECKLESS:  Anthony Fauci Attends Book Party at Elite Italian Bistro, Violates DC Mask Mandate – Regulations in Washington DC required wearing a mask at all indoor events, regardless of whether a person has been vaccinated or not. That dictate was scheduled to be removed on 11/22/21.

The requirement was still in effect when Dr. Anthony Fauci attended a book party, inside a Washington DC, at an elite restaurant, on 11/16/21.

He wore a mask sometimes and other times he took it off. Published reports indicate he put a mask on and off depending on who was standing next to him. When asked about it, he is quoted by Politico as saying:

“I just decided that if anyone came up to me that they didn’t know, I would put my mask on.”

The diktat to wear masks at all indoor events did not have a “but I know the person standing next to me” exception. Neither does it have a “I didn’t feel like it” exception.

However, like all requirements during the Covid endemic, there is a fine print elitist exemption. If you have power, are from Hollywood, hold an elective office, are a public health official, or have other predefined super-elitist privileged status, you may follow the rules when you feel like it and may ignore the rules when you’re in the mood to do so.

Heritage Foundation – updated 11/30/21 – Covid Hypocrisy: Policymakers Breaking Their Own Rules – Website lists about 90 incidents when politicians, judges, or senior-level so-called “health experts” blew off the rules that you and I are required to follow.

Merely two of the recent entertaining illustrations of flaming hypocrisy:

This blatant hypocrisy is happening so often that the only conclusion we can draw is our alleged political leaders don’t really believe Covid is dangerous. By their repeated behavior, they show the rules they require or endorse or enforce are not really necessary.

Again I ask, who should we be listening to?


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