Australia has a special camp for forced quarantines. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

A year ago you would have been considered crazy, cuckoo, one of those tin foil-hat-wearing-nut-jobs if you had been so irresponsible as to suggest what is described in the next two articles could ever, ever happen.

A year after such predictions would have been laughed at, the Australian government is sending out the military to forcibly relocate people into a “quarantine camp” with fences and barbed wire.

The untried, unconvicted, and unsentenced crime? Testing positive for Covid.

The military is also forcibly relocating anyone who is in “close contact” with someone who tested positive for Covid.

Yeah, that is really happening.

Quarantine camps. Forcible relocation.

(Side note – I should have posted this yesterday, before the we’re-all-gonna’-die Omicron variant generated closing of borders and shutting of air travel. Had better post it before Monday morning because by then we might learn that the loss of freedom in Australia is old news.)

Zero hedge – 11/23/21 – Australian Army Begins Transferring Covid-Positive Cases, Contacts to Quarantine Camps – The Army has started forcibly transporting people from the Northern Territories to a quarantine camp which the government has built in Darwin.

There was already a hard lockdown. People were only allowed to be out of their home for one of five reasons: shopping, exercising (limited to two hours!), caregiving, work if you can’t work from home, get vaccinated.

Now people are only allowed out of their home for two reasons: receive medical treatment, and emergency.

Nine people, count ‘em nine, have been identified as Covid positive after testing. They will be forcibly relocated to quarantine. The government has identified 38 close contacts, they will be abducted, then forcibly relocated to quarantine as well.

There is a racial dimension to this as well. A large portion of the indigenous people of Australia live in the Northern Territory. Of course they are poor. Of course as a result they live in very crowded conditions, since they can’t afford much. As a further result, they are disproportionately amongst those who testing positive and getting relocated.

The Last Refuge – 11/22/21 – Covid Madness continues Down Under – Australia Northern Territory Use Army to Force People Into Quarantine – The police commissioner is fully aware of the brutality of these actions. He is quoted as saying:

“We are conscious of the fact that this can have some impacts on people’s mental health as well as the general well-being.”

Some impact?

Ya’ think?

The first round of these totalitarian measures only involved 20 soldiers and a few trucks.

The frightening aspect is the rulers in the Northern Territories and at the national level of Australia have crossed a line. It is now acceptable to use the military to forcibly relocate people by government fiat, without trial. After 20 troops for 47 undesirables, there will be 50 troops when needed, then 200.

You might ask the descendants of Japanese-Americans how they feel about what happened back in around 1942. FDR forcibly relocated their parents or grandparents.

Why not just mobilize the Reserve Police Battalions? That was Germany’s relocation plan back in the 1940s.

Check out the terrifying book Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland to see where this leads.

Will the military be issued brown shirts? Colorful armbands?


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