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The list just keeps growing of politicians, rule makers, and other assorted self-appointed elitists who show they don’t have to obey the rules they demand we follow.

Illustrations from the last few weeks:

  • Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, her new husband, and Kansas congresswoman Sharice Davids ignore mask rules at wedding.
  • Bunches of elitists at $30,000 per person gala event blow off masks while all the server staff are covered.
  • S.F. Mayor London Breed blows off masks at a nightclub and blows off the requirement to wear masks which she imposed.
  • Not one person at the Emmys, which was held in an enclose space, located in Los Angeles County, sitting eight to a table when not crowded on stage, is wearing a mask.

8/30/21 – Washington Free Beacon – Photos: Elizabeth Warren Partied Maskless With Actual Native Americans at Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s Wedding – The New Mexico governor ordered a mandate to wear masks at any indoor activity. The order was issued on August 17, effective August 20, to remain in effect until at least September 15.

On Saturday, August 28, 2021, the order was widely ignored at the wedding.

In spite of the mandatory requirement, photos show Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and her new husband, along with Kansas congresswoman Sharice Davids, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, an unidentified male, and two people in the background of one photo all without masks and all of them neither eating or drinking.

“Rules for thee, not for me.”

Flaming hypocrites all.

9/14/21 – Breitbart – Elites Violate Mask Mandate at Grotesque Met Gala – Ticket price for the high society Met Gala is $30,000 or $35,000 – I have seen both prices mentioned in print.

A requirement for everyone attending – a requirement mind you – is proof of vaccination and wearing masks except when eating or drinking.

Full vaccination.



Lots of photos are visible showing extremely few people wearing a mask other than the waitstaff.

Article points out you can tell what someone believes by watching what they do, not listening to what they say.

It is now obvious that bunches of politicians, lots of leaders in the healthcare world, and anyone who can afford to spend $30,000 per person to attend a banquet, does not really take Covid seriously.

They do not believe it is a threat.

Otherwise said egotistical people (who fully know they are far more important than you and me) would be protecting themselves. It is quite clear this group does not consider the Covid a danger to themselves.

Yet schoolkids in New York are wearing masks.

Glaring hypocrisy

The best illustration of the astounding hypocrisy is video of a masked server carrying the trail of an exquisitely expensive dress worn by a congresswoman as she walked to a van after the event. Can’t get any smudges on that gown! Might hurt the resale value!

Being an elitist, the congresswoman was maskless.

Being powerless, the server was masked.

Being of the upper working class, the massive number of photographers visible in the vid all have masks.

9/17/21 – KRON4 – Mayor Breed says she was following city’s health order after caught maskless . San Francisco Mayor London Breed was photographed at a discotheque boogying the night away without a mask. She is photographed away from her table having a great time with all the other partygoers who are also maskless.

The issue?

The mayor issued a royal decree that masks must be worn in San Francisco when inside restaurants and bars. She was in a bar. She did not have a mask on.

The new dictat went into effect August 3, which was over six weeks ago, so she can’t claim she snuck in under the deadline of her rule.

The exception is one can take a mask off when “actively eating or drinking”.

You must understand however, the mayor is not in fact a blatant, flaming hypocrite, because, you see, she was obeying the law because she was dancing near her table where there was a beverage. For our ruling, elitist masters, they can redefine rules to say you don’t have to mask up if you’re in the vicinity of a beverage even if the vicinity is grooving on the dance floor.

When contacted the mayor call this “nitpicking.”

Lest you think I’m making this up, here is her exact quote:

“This is nitpicking. This is really unfortunate and let me tell you when the spirit moves you because you were watching history in the making, Bay Area royalty perform, I don’t know about you but I’m not gonna turn around and look for where my mask is or look to see you make sure I’m picking up a drink,” she said. “I’m just gonna let the spirit move me.”

See, she was in the mood. That makes it okay. For her. Since she is member of the credentialed, powerful elite.

9/18/21 – Red State – SF Mayor’s Response When Caught Violating Her Own Mask Rule completely Eviscerates Mandates –Let me see if I have this straight… Masking rules don’t apply if you’re having fun. Or celebrating live music. Or you just declare yourself exempt.

That is the point to be drawn from mayor London Breed’s fascinating rationalization of why she didn’t have to follow the Covid masking rules she put in place.

Videos and photos in the article don’t reveal anyone that was masked while dancing. A person cannot even claim being surprised by being caught on video since something in the range of one quarter or one third of the people in a video from the event had their cameras up and were recording. Multiple pictures show unmasked people mugging for a posed photograph.

The mayor is quoted at length. Here’s part of her comment, which thoroughly blows up the mask rules that she issued::

“My drink was sitting at the table. I got up and started dancing because I was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask,” Breed explained. “I was thinking about having a good time and in the process I was following the health orders.”

Breed added, she and fellow club-goers “don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing.”

“The fact that this story became about me and less about the artists and nightlife, which I will continue to enjoy in San Francisco, is very unfortunate,” she told reporters.

She condemns the ‘fun police.”

She condemns micromanaging.

She condemns telling people what they should or shouldn’t do.

Like I said, she completely blew up her rules. She obliterated the rationale for any mask mandate.

I suggest that you might want to very carefully consider whether you quote her if you get caught breaking the rules. I doubt a police officer or petty-minded public health inspector would take kindly to being called the “fun police.”

9/19/21 –New York Post – Twitter lashes out over celebrities at 2021 Emmys going masklessWell of course there maskless. They are just people playing make-believe, reading lines that someone else wrote, with hair done by a low-status hairdresser, wearing clothes someone else handed them, with makeup applied by another person, and standing on a set that low-status carpenters built. Of course they get to go maskless.

Photos from the Emmys show people sitting eight to a table, without food around. Of course no one is wearing a mask.

Of course no one on stage gathered together for the self congratulations, photo ops, and thank you’s is wearing a mask.

Of course.

They are the self-defined elite. They are exempt from the Los Angeles requirement that everyone inside an enclosed space must wear a mask. They are exempt from mega events requiring masks.

People on twitter were not amused.

One person commented his children have to eat lunch in the auditorium, with their lunch on their lap, facing forward. They get yelled at, yelled at, if they talk to any of their friends.

Another person said her two boys, both fully vaccinated, are absolutely required to wear a mask for eight hours a day at school.

Another person pointed out that it was completely expected that no one would be wearing masks at the event. Of course. We all know that’s the way it would work.

The Emmys. Just another bunch of flaming hypocritical elitists. What else did you expect?


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