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The overlords in Australia, the ruling caste, has gone nuts.

Here’s the long explanation to support that one sentence summary of what’s happening in the country:

They are serious about ‘your papers please.”

8/23/21 – American Thinker – Australia has gone stark, raving mad – New South Wales state which includes Sydney, the largest city in the country, has had a mere 12,588 cases since this past February. For population of 5,200,000 that is a mere 237 cases per 100,000 since February.

In contrast, the United States has had 2,948 cases per 100,000 and California has expienced 1,814 cases per 100K since the end of February.

Because of that horrendous, catastrophic outbreak of Covid-19, the state has imposed a near martial law lockdown. People may only leave their home to go directly to work, grocery shopping, or get medical treatment. I have read elsewhere that if you engage in window shopping on the way to pick up groceries, you will be cited and fined.

In Canberra, the capital, the goal of the lockdown is to completely eliminate the virus. When there are zero infections people be allowed out of lockdown. Zero infections.

It doesn’t stop there.

The federal government is vaccinating children without parental consent.

In New South Wales, officials are shooting dogs in shelters (not euthanizing via injection, but killing via gunfire) because they fear people might possibly come into contact with other humans as they travel to the shelter to adopt a rescue dog.

Oh, conscientious objections to vaccination is illegal in the country.

An update to the article mentions what I have read elsewhere. Outdoor exercise is limited to one hour per day with a mask required. Police can seal an entire building at their whim.

Seal it. No one or out at all.

In case you think that report is a flight of fancy, it has around a dozen links to check each issue.

Articles I’ve read elsewhere, but won’t bother to find a link, indicate the government has deployed a few hundred military troops to make sure people stay off the streets.

8/26/21 – –Qld Covid-19: Toowoomba 1000 bed regional quarantine facility to go ahead – You probably think I am making this up, so please check out the article for yourself.

Queensland is a state in the northeast part of Australia and is the third largest state in terms of population. The state government announced it is building a 1,000 bed quarantine facility. The alleged purpose is to provide quarantine housing for travellers arriving in the country instead of having them stay in a hotel for their quarantine.

Writing on Twitter, Matt Kibbe (@mkibbe) observes:

“Government collaborating with a private company to build camps to lock up certain undesirable humans. Are you even self aware?”

Here in the United States, we have a dark stain on our history from building special housing during WWII for undesirable citizens of Japanese-American ancestry. I read something somewhere about Germany also having set up locations to house undesirables a while back. (In case you missed it, yes that is heavy dose sarcasm.)

To answer Mr. Kibbe’s question, no, there is an exquisitely small number of government officials who are self-aware of what they’re doing and saying.

Large protests against the craziness in Australia

Australia has its roots as a prison colony for England to get rid of criminals. Although many people are accepting their renewed prisoner status, many others are not.

8/21/21 – BBC News – Covid: Australian police clash with anti-lockdown protesters – Some of the protests in Sydney and Melbourne have turned violent. Police used pepper spray on 4,000 protesting in Melbourne, arresting 218. It took 1,000 officers in Sydney to disperse a protest there. Protest of 2,000 in Brisbane did not get out of line so police did not use teargas, pepper spray or crack any heads.

Clips on Twitter show police in Australia don’t have qualms about using plenty of force to subdue someone.

The fine for breaking Covid regulations is $5,452 Australian, which is equivalent to US$3,954. A $4,000 fine for breaking martial law.

8/21/21 – AP News – Hundreds arrested, massive fines during Australian lockdown protests – Protests are in reaction to Sydney having been in lockdown for two full months, with Melbourne and Canberra under hard lockdown since early August.

Lockdowns are working every bit as wonderfully, fantastically poorly as you would expect – after two months of hard lockdown with minimal social interaction allowed, Sydney has a record number of 825 new infections on one day.

After two months of martial law there should be negligible infections, not 825 new cases.

It almost as if, perhaps, maybe, staying at home in close confinement with many other people increases the risk of infection. Might it be possible that getting outside, breathing well circulated air could possible, maybe, reduce your risks?

Protests expanding?

Protests may expand beyond large crowds gathering on the street:

8/23/21 – Zero Hedge – Australian Truck Drivers Vow To Block Every Major Highway in Radical Anti-Lockdown Strike – Support and enthusiasm is growing amongst truck drivers in Australia to block all major highways on 8/31/21. Goal is to stop delivery of groceries and other supplies to all stores in the cities and therefore temporarily disrupt stocking shelves for a few days. Even if the effort fizzles, the anger is visible and appears to be growing.


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