In Venezuela, above activity is sufficient to draw weapon fire or armored tanks. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

The violence in Venezuela directed against those people who merely wish to keep their children from starving continues.

My previous comment: 4/19/17 – Washington Free Beacon – Socialist Venezuela Leader Steps up Arming of Supporters After Outlawing, Confiscating Civilian Guns – The government has spent the last five years confiscating guns from private citizens. That’s what authoritarian, totalitarians, and other bad governments do.

Why? So they can’t defend themselves.

From what might individuals need to defend themselves from?

How about 400,000 loyalists who are going to be armed by the government.

The dictator-in-all-but-official-title announced he was going to arm all the militias that support him.

Who will they use those guns on?

Guess. Take a wild guess.

So, in case you were wondering why those folks needed weapons and upon whom they would be used, check out this article:

4/22/17 – New York Times – Armed Civilian Bands in Venezuela Prop Up Unpopular President – The armed thugs are called collectives, or colectivos in Spanish.

At one protest, a bunch of bikers roared up to the civilians in the march, threw tear gas canisters, pulled pistols, and fired into the crowd. A head shot killed one protester.

Article cites multiple other violent incidents by the colectivos, on including a shot in the back of a negotiator.

And that is why governments take guns away from citizens and give them to their civilian henchmen.

5/3/17 – Bloomberg – Armored Car Hits Crowd as Venezuela Riots Leave 300 Injured – Opposition leaders say there were 300 people injured during protests on Wednesday. One of the military’s armored vehicles drove into a crowd, injuring many.

5/5/17 – Voice of America – Young Protester Dies, Taking Venezuela Unrest Death Toll to 37 – Tally from government violence in the last month during protests has risen to:

  • 37 dead
  • 717 injured
  • 152 jailed (that would be the known tally of people thrown in jail)

Article says gunfire is the most common cause of death.


Who has all the guns?

If you don’t know, please consult first two articles discussed above.

People in Venezuela are paying a high price in their attempts to get the government to change the policies that directly caused all this suffering.

By the way, for what economic system is Venezuela the poster child?


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