Public health community put lots of effort into destroying their reputation.

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Need to catch up on discussion on devastation caused by government policies in response to the Covid pandemic. Two articles from last year are still timely because they describe the deliberate effort expended by the public health community to destroy the reputation and create severe skepticism of anything they ever say.

7/16/22 – Brownstone Institute –Dr. Birx Praises Herself While Revealing Ignorance, Treachery, and Deceit – Presumed Doctor Deborah Birx admits in her biography that she willfully lied and deceived to push harsh lockdown. She seems quite pleased with her deceptions.

Read this article a year ago and reread it today (6/19/23). I am more staggered today than a year ago at her arrogance, ignorance, willful deception of the US president, and willful deception of the US public.

Remember this is the person that completely ignored travel restrictions and size restrictions in order to travel several states away to have a four generation Thanksgiving celebration. There was a time that you want to post to leave your state and certainly not have more than 10 people of your immediate family at any gathering of any sort.

Her goal all along was complete lockdown of the entire country for an indefinite period of time. She had no concern, nary any indication of the least bit of awareness, of the economically devastating, educationally destroying, and society crushing impact of her dictatorial feelings.


What are the real reasons so many of our so-called leaders flagrantly ignored Covid restrictions?

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So many of my posts during the pandemic pointed out the elite in political, public health, entertainment, and media worlds flagrantly ignored the Covid restrictions they demanded we little people follow.

In a moment I will describe conclusions by the British Parliament that former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was lying through his teeth when he spoke to them trying to rationalize away the weekly social events he held for his staff.

I’ve been wondering for two years why so many elitists were so flagrant in their covid violations. I have developed several hypothesis with increasing level of severe implications.

First possibility, all these folks are flaming hypocrites who believe they are above having to comply with the rules everyone else is forced to follow. They speak soberly of the dangers and risks of Covid along with the steps everyone must absolutely take to protect loved ones and neighbors. Yet they won’t lower themselves to follow those rules.

More seriously:


Looking into the pit of evil.

Russia, Vladivostok, 28.10.2018: Monument to Alexander Isayevich Solzhenitsyn on city embankment in downtown. He was Russian novelist and historian, awarded the 1970 Nobel Prize in Literature. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

If you can bear looking into the pit of hell on earth which humans can create, you ought to check out The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Prof. Gary Morson provides us a glimpse of the book in his Wall Street Journal article, “The Gulag Archipelago”: An Epic of True Evil.

Solzhenitsyn describes, in three volumes, the ideological goal of Marx, Lenin, and Stalin. Their desired outcome was the mass incarceration in forced labor camps, working in temperatures of -40° or -60°, without sufficient nutrition to stay alive, leading to the fully expected death of millions of non-conforming people.

Descriptions of the routine punishments in the camp turn the stomach.

More frightening is Solzhenitsyn’s description that this pure evil is not limited to just socialism and communism. He declares “alas, all the evil of the 20th century is possible everywhere on earth.” More on that warning in a moment.


Headline from 2017 which is relevant again today: Credit Suisse under investigation. Again. For money laundering. Again.

With Credit Suisse expected to get swallowed up into UBS today and thus disappear as an independent entity, I thought it would be a fine time to reprint this article which describes the bank’s legacy.

Pay particular attention to comments at then of the post – – Credit Suisse has a subsidiary whose sole purpose in life is to launder money for clients. They have been laundering money since 1910. Yes, 1910.

(This discussion is cross-posted from my other blog, Attestation Update, because the flagrantly immoral behavior by a major international bank is an attack on the economic freedom of all. As a second order effect, this appallingly bad behavior, which has been an ongoing practice of Credit Suisse for over a hundred years, is a convenient excuse for national regulators in the U.S. and around the world to strip away more of our freedoms.)

Previously posted at Attestation Update on 2/24/17:

A different type of money laundering. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.
A different type of money laundering. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Looks like Credit Suisse is in trouble again. The feds and NYDFS have opened another money laundering investigation.

Check out the report on 2/23/17 at Wall Street Journal – Credit Suisse Probe Opens Old Wounds for the following info.


A few notes on the banking crisis. Trying to keep track of the evolving story.

Whether considering assets, net income, market capitalization, or liquidity, some variation of above graph could be used when discussing Credit Suisse. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

To keep track of the spreading banking crisis, I’m going to staring making notes here on the blog.  This will not be full coverage. Instead, this will highlight some parts of the story as it emerges.  This will help me track of developments.

(Cross posted from my other blog, Attestation Update, because the banking crisis is a threat to the economic freedom of us all.)

Previous discussions:

Update to late Sunday afternoon, 3/19/23 (yeah, it is necessary to time stamp blog posts that closely):

3/16/23 – Wall Street Journal –Eleven Banks Deposit $30 Billion in First Republic Bank – $30 billion of uninsured deposits went into First Republic Bank. Five billion each from J.P. Morgan, Citigroup, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. 2.5 billion from Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Five others deposited 1 billion each. Purpose is to shore up liquidity.

Article indicates a large portion, if not most, of the funds are from money that regional banks have moved into the super big banks. They are recycling some of it back to the regional banks. These are uninsured deposits…well…conceptually they are uninsured, but after the bailout that wasn’t a bailout of Silicon Valley Bank, those are essentially insured.

The shoring-up started about four days earlier with money from Morgan.

3/16/23 – Wall Street Journal –Credit Suisse Will Borrow Up to $53.7 Billion For several days there have been rumors Credit Suisse has been teetering on the edge of collapse. They announced borrowing $50 billion Swiss francs, which is US$53.7 billion, from Swiss National Bank, the nation’s central bank.


What is a “militia?”

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The 10 Key Campaigns of the American Revolution by editor Edward Lengel and a collection of contributing authors is a delightful description of key fights in the battle for American liberty and freedom.

A side discussion in the text is pertinent to the ongoing debate over the Second Amendment.

The book explains every free male in the colonies from the age of 16 up to 60 was required to report annually for training as a part of the militia.