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The size of a bite which inflation is taking out of every meal is accelerating for those of us who are not living at the top of an ivory tower fortress inside the D.C. Beltway.

Got lunch from Jimmy John’s yesterday. They fix up yummy sandwiches. 

I had turkey on French bread with provolone cheese. Split a large sandwich with my dining partner.  ‘Twas delish’.

Price was $14.99.  Yeah fifteen bucks for just the sandwich, to go, so nothing for the greedy state tax machine.

Last August the exact same sandwich was $12.99. Up an even $2.00.

That is a 15.4% increase in 8 months.

Annualized, that is a 23.2% increase in 242 days.

Twenty-three percent inflation rate at a Southern California sandwich shop.


Perhaps, just perhaps, those economists and policy setters inside the Beltway should get out of town once in a while and talk to everyday, normal people. You know, those of us doing well enough that we can still afford to go out to eat.

The good news is that unlike my meal at Mimi’s on Easter Sunday, the sandwich from Jimmy John’s was just as good yesterday as I recall from last summer.

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