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Here are several more examples of our elitist elite rulers who do not see any danger from the coronavirus pandemic and therefore do not need to follow any of the rules they dictate you and I must follow.

For your point-and-laugh-out-loud amusement today:

  • Gov. Gavin Newsom maskless in public. Again. Multiple times at football playoff game. San Francisco and L.A. mayors also maskless.
  • British Prime Minister claims complete ignorance of any law violation at the weekly parties at #10 Downing St.

Leading off today’s list of flaming hypocrits is the most elitist of the elitist elites from my home state, Governor Gavin Newsom, who is maskless in public.  Again.

KCRA 3 – 1/30/22 – Maskless Gov. Newsom spotted at 49ers, Rams game despite mandate – SoFi Stadium, where the 49ers and Rams met for the NFC championship playoff, requires every person at the game to wear a mask except when they are actively eating or drinking. People on site are required to immediately put the mask back on after actively eating or drinking.


Magic Johnson posted a picture online of him and Governor Newsom standing shoulder to shoulder, both without masks, of course.

Another picture shows Magic Johnson mugging for the camera, with his arms around San Francisco Mayor London Breed and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti.  As you would fully expect, none of the three have a mask.

Neither of the above pix show any food or drink in hand or anywhere in sight.

Would anyone expect any different?  All four of the above have either the “A list celebrity” or “I’m an important politician” exemption from Covid rules.

Subsequent conversation on Twitter linked to what’s called the “fancam” at SoFi stadium. This allows zooming in on particular fans. I’m not sure if the team, the stadium, or viewers can do the zooming, because I don’t pay attention to football.

Regardless of who controlled the camera, the fancam shows the Gov sitting down, watching the game, no food or drink visible, with a maskless person sitting next to him. Of course, he is not wearing a mask. And there is no mask in sight.

The Governor subsequently held a press conference saying he only took the mask off for the moment of the picture.

Well……subsequent video has emerged showing him maskless as he approached Magic Johnson and they shared a warm hug. That is a not just a moment and isn’t just for a photo. I seriously doubt there is a “just a picture” exemption in Sofi rules, Los Angeles County rules, or state rules. Also see comment two paragraphs up of him seated, watching the game, without a mask.

Total complete ignorance of the rules is a perfectly valid defense for a Prime Minister.

Video clip of Prime Minister Boris Johnson shows him saying that nobody told him the well-attended garden parties at #10 Downing Street were a violation of the covid restrictions.  Apparently, he does not have to follow rules HIS GOVERNMENT imposed unless someone explicitly tells him a specific thing is not allowed.

View video here.

Wall Street Journal – 1/31/22 – Boris Johnson’s Downing Street Criticized in Report Over Parties During Lockdowns – Official report from a senior bureaucrat identified multiple parties held at 10 Downing Street should not have been held. Several other of the social events “should not have been allowed to develop as it did.”

The investigation only addressed 16 social events, excluding 12 other gatherings which are under criminal investigation. Parts of the report were redacted because they referred to possible criminal behavior.

Oh yeah, two of the criminal investigations in process are for parties at Mr. Johnson’s personal residence.


That complicates the “I thought it was an official work event at the office” defense.


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