I have dozens of servants in my business – 7

Continuing with the idea that today we have lots and lots of servants –

I’m a CPA. That involves working with lots of numbers and doing thousands of calculations. I print lots of documents and send them to my clients. I’ve hired a lot of servants for my business.

  • I hired a servant from Mr. Gates that can do tens of thousands of calculations a second. (You would call that Office Excel.  Thank you Mr. Gates, the staff person you sent over is quite efficient.) I very rarely use a 10-key calculator.
  • I have a servant that answers my phone and takes messages. Tells me who is calling before I take the call, too.
  • I have another servant that takes dictation and types my comments almost as fast as I can speak. Sometimes I have to wait for all of a few seconds for my servant to catch up typing what I’ve dictated. Unfortunately, I have to keep a close eye on this servant. Accuracy isn’t quite what I’d like.
  • I have 4 servants in my CPA firm that can print documents at a speed that would make Mr. Guttenberg green with envy. (Thank you Mr. Hewitt and Mr. Packard)
  • I have several servants that working together can deliver a critical document to a client across town or across the country in 20 seconds. Takes ‘em 90 seconds if they are lethargic.
  • I have a file clerk that can retrieve any one of thousands of documents from my filing cabinet and bring it to me in just moments. (Some of my colleagues call that paperless. I call it an efficient staff.)

Don’t tell the state wage and hour department, but I pay those servants a few pennies an hour. Some far less. And I don’t give any of them a morning or afternoon coffee break.

As a small businessman I have a very large volume of servants hard at work. Can’t even count the size of my staff. Nary a complaint from any of them. Once in a while, one of them resigns, but that is quite rare. Can’t really beat the price either.

Yes, people have many servants today. I have a larger staff of servants than even the most filthy rich people from 100 years ago.

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