Introduction to “The Price of Everything” -2

This is the start of a series of posts discussing a fiction book that teaches economics.

Russell Roberts offers an explanation of how prices coordination the actions of people throughout the economy resulting in the market delivering what people want at the time and location they want it.  Check out his book The Price of Everything – A Parable of Possibility and Prosperity. As a bonus, the author explains how we developed into a rich economy.


Improvements in our standard of living and ‘The Price of Everything’ – 1

I previously discussed a book that describes the power and beauty of the pricing mechanism on my other blog.

I’m going to bring that discussion to this blog. The discussions will be slightly revised.

The focus is on the radical improvement in the standard of living we have seen over the last 100 years. Why are things so incredibly better now? If we can grapple with that question we have a good shot at sustaining that improvement.