“Battle Cry of Freedom” – A song to celebrate freedom.

“Battle Cry of Freedom” was a popular song during the Civil War.  It was a celebration of the Union and freedom.

One place you can see the song used in movies is “Lincoln.” After the Republicans secured passage of the 13th amendment to permanently end slavery, the Republicans celebrated on the floor of the Senate by singing the song.

The amendment was passed over the harsh, vigorous opposition of the Democrats who remained in Senate. They did not want to set slaves free, even though they were not part of the South.

A video of the song:

Lyrics of the song:


Damage from the shutdown is growing day by day.

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Damage from the shutdown is getting more visible; it is growing, spreading every day.

Hospitals and surgeons have been devastated by stopping what is considered ‘non-essential’ care. Many hospitals may go under. Going under is what farmers are starting to do with their crops. After a panic like we are in, who has liability if anyone gets sick and thinks they caught the bug in a store, restaurant, or business?

Devastation in health care industry

4/23/20 – The Federalist – Instead Of “Flattening The Curve,” We Flattened Hospitals, Doctors, And The US Health Care System – Outside of New York city, hospitals have not been overwhelmed. That means it is time to open up the medical system to allow “non-essential” services.

Example cited include Florida which was projected to have 465,000 hospitalized patients by April 24 only having 2,000 on April 22.