Instead of being flaming hypocrites, perhaps our ruling caste just doesn’t believe their own rules.

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For the last 10 months or so I have been thinking that flaming hypocrisy is the driving force behind so many elected politicians and appointed health officials flagrantly ignoring their own rules.

My perception is shifting.

Instead of blatant, intentional hypocrisy, perhaps our masters in the ruling caste don’t really believe their own rules. Perhaps they don’t think that masks matter. Perhaps they don’t think that social distancing matters. Perhaps they don’t think Covid infections are really that big of a deal.

If they thought the risks of infection, the dangers from an illness, and the risks to their loved ones were serious threats, don’t you think they would actually try to protect themselves and their families?

Perhaps they believe the rules they demand us peasants and serfs follow blindly don’t do any good. Maybe the actions steps are worthless.

The end of this discussion lists 14 posts I have written describing the flaming hypocrisy of our overlords. I have only touched the surface.

The latest in a non-ending list of illustrations is the mayor of Washington DC. She delayed the effective timing for new face mask dictats until after her birthday party. Imagine that.

Several hours after the mask requirement went into effect, the mayor officiated a wedding at a four-star hotel in DC. The mayor and several hundred guests were not wearing masks.

Party on!

7/31/21 – The Blaze – DC …mayor caught partying without facemask after enacting new mask mandate – Many people were curious why the mayor of DC imposed a mandatory mask requirement but delayed the effective time by two days. If is a serious life-threatening crisis and masks are needed why wait until Saturday morning?

Well, the reason became obvious after Friday night.


Reports keep emerging of the direct damage caused by the lockdown.

Empty classrooms for a year are an indicator of the devastation caused to children’s education. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

As mentioned previously, I just finished taking a break from blogging. Was on a fairly rigorous news diet as well, which was delightful.

In the last couple of days I started tuning into the news. Articles keep emerging on the devastation from the previous rounds of lockdown.

Today’s discussion:

  • US DOJ turns a blind eye to states killing senior citizens
  • Another report indicating kids are falling behind in education
  • Devastation of education for kids in Latin America is more severe than the US

Hurting Senior Citizens

7/25/21 – The Hill – DOJ won’t investigate nursing home deaths in New York, other states: letter – The federal Department of Justice will not open investigation into abuse of seniors in nursing homes in New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey.


Public officials are moving into crazyland as pushback become more visible.

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Because of travel and other matters, I’ve taken a break from blogging the last few weeks. Have been on a rigorous news diet as well, which was delightful.

In the last couple of days I started tuning in to the news.

The craziness from allegedly educated people in the public health sector is staggering. Lots of officials have moved to crazyland while I took a short break.

Today’s discussion:

  • LAUSD will require all students and staff to be tested weekly for infection even if vaccinated.
  • Protests emerging worldwide against lockdowns.
  • Maine church files for preemptive injunction in attempt to prevent future repression of religious freedom.

The slide into crazyland

Things can always get worse…

You thought CDC recommending everyone wear masks indoors was bad. Just wait…

Early yesterday the US Secretary of Defense arrived in the Philippines for consultations.

He is fully vaccinated so he is safe from the ‘rona, at least that is what the ‘science’ has boldly declared morning, noon, and night for the last year.


He wore a mask.

And a face shield.

And goggles.


Initial steps to impose another hard lockdown are underway. Oh, more flaming hypocrisy from our overlords.

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Get ready for another lockdown. The warning signs are everywhere.

Oh, another round of hypocrisy from our esteemed Governor here in California.

Warning signs

About a week ago, the state of California announced when school resumes this summer, all school children will be required to wear a mask during the entire school day. Vaccination status is irrelevant. Past infection is irrelevant. The exquisitely low infection rate among children is irrelevant. The infinitesimal fatality rate it is irrelevant.

Over the past weekend the state of California and federal Department of Veteran Affairs announced they will require all employees to prove they are vaccinated or get tested weekly and show a negative result.


Stream of reports describe minimal benefits and serious negative consequences from actions taken during pandemic lockdowns. 2 of 2.

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More of the recent reports describing the damage from the lockdowns:

  • Alameda County rolled back death count from coronavirus, having overcounted by one third.
  • Looks like coronavirus was loose in the U.S. before the first cases were reported.
  • Suicide attempts by teens increased during the lockdowns.
  • Economic shutdown hurt poor people worse than rich people.

6/6/21 – The Last Refuge – If Sunlight Continues, Expect More of This – Alameda County, California, Significantly Lowers Covid Death Toll After Review of Records – There are plenty of reports around, I will not link to them, of public health people counting people who died “with” Covid as if they had died “from” Covid. There is a massive difference.


Stream of reports describe minimal benefits and serious negative consequences from actions taken during pandemic lockdowns. 1 of 2.

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There is a constant stream of reports covering new studies and analyses which indicate steps taken during the pandemic had minimal or perhaps no impact on halting the spread of the disease but caused severe side effects. I cannot possibly summarize more than a small portion of the articles I am reading. Here are a few:

  • Plexiglas shields might increase infections.
  • Kid’s facemasks had lots of horrible bugs that cause all sorts of sickness (but none of them were Covid).
  • Study can’t find any benefit from shelter-in-place orders to reduce the spread of infections.

6/16/21 – Behind the Black – New studies: Plexiglas does nothing; masks carry diseases; lockdowns destroyed 40% of all small businesses – Article has discussion of the following three reports pointing to problems from the shutdown. Referenced articles include:


Emerging hints of serious pushback to the economic/ social/ educational shutdown by politicians and public health officials.

There is a hint, a whiff in the air, of a strong pushback emerging against the destruction caused by politicians and public health officials during the pandemic.

Everyone knows about the recall effort underway attempting to remove California Governor Gavin Newsom from office.

Did you know there are lots of other recall efforts in the state?

Did you know over a dozen state legislatures are moving towards placing limits and restraints on the currently unlimited and unrestrained power of public health agencies to destroy at will?

Perhaps, just perhaps, we may see some accountability for the widespread destruction caused by a host of elected officials and unelected bureaucrats responsible for public health care issues.

Two articles point toward the emerging pushback:


California will mostly, kinda’, sorta’ open up on June 15.

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We are finally getting back to normal next Tuesday. Mostly. Sort of. Certain mask requirements will stay in place on June 15, 2021. Importantly, the emergency is not over and all of the emergency orders issued in the last year stay in place for another few months.

It also means public health officials and the governor can reinstate any restrictions they want or impose new restrictions they want and can do so anytime they want.

The good news portion of changes on June 15 is the four level color-coded system is gone. No more of the purple, red, orange, and yellow grading based on arbitrary numerical targets (which as we have seen the state can unilaterally shift as desired). The stay-at-home orders will officially end.

Best part of the good news is the capacity limits and physical distancing requirements are gone.

Now on to the remaining and new restrictions.