Supreme Court agrees religious protections apply to Christian schools

(reposted from a January post at my other blog)

In a huge ruling today, the Supremes agreed that religious schools may hire and fire ministers of the gospel without being subject to court review of their decisions.

Specifically, a terminated employee who is in a ‘minister’ role can not sue such an employer for discrimination.

UPDATE:  After reading a few articles, it looks like this was a much more serious case than I thought. By the time the SCOTUS looked at the case, it may have developed into a general attack on all churches who have any pastors.

You will be hearing a lot more about this case.  I am guessing there will be a substantial ripple effect on other cases working through the appeal process.


Rap video on government distortions of supply and demand

Check out Supply & Demand: A Thug Story

Government interference with the pricing mechanism produces shortages which are resolved by non-price mechanisms: discrimination, waiting lines, rationing, black markets, or favoritism.  Markets messed up?  Look for government messing with price signals to find the cause.



What does radical change in technology and mass media mean to those of us who are undiscovered, unpublished, or small fry wanting to follow our own path?

Previous post discussed the huge impact from having zero cost to produce and distribute one more item.

On a long-term basis, what does this do?  I think several entire industries of delivering mass content are in serious trouble.  If those industries don’t figure out a new business model, the overwhelming change that is taking place will sink them.

Think about this:


“If you care about improving people’s lives, then you really care about economic freedom”

How do we make life better for people?

Is there a relationship between the level of economic freedom in a country and the level of income, life expectancy, civil rights, and a cleaner environment? Is there an inverse relationship between the level of economic freedom and the level of corruption, infant mortality, and child labor?

The answer to both questions is yes.

The higher the level of economic freedom is in a country, the higher the level of those good things.  With more freedom there are less of those bad things. See this very innovative, creative video for a visual explanation: