Do you use an iPhone, Android phone, Kindle, Mac, PC, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Spotify, Google, Uber, Lyft, Waze, airbnb, FaceBook, Instagram, or Snapchat? Most of us use many of those.

If you like those services, then you really love capitalism.


Where do you think all those creative, innovative, successful services and companies came from?

The following video points out that every one of those services came

….from entrepreneurs with great ideas and the freedom to test them in the marketplace.

We call that capitalism.

Now consider some other services.

Video asks if you have recently been to DMV, taken a journey through the TSA security grope line, mailed something at USPS, or tried to reach IRS customer support?

Where do those sluggish, unresponsive services come from?

The government.

Why the difference in service levels between those two groups? Video explains the reason:

One needs to satisfy its customers to survive and grow; one doesn’t

Jared Meyer of the Manhattan Institute goes into more detail, explaining Why You Love Capitalism:




I think by now you can see which group has to satisfy customers or else they cease to exist. The other group does not need to care about their level of service; they continue to exist and everyone keeps their job regardless of quality of customer service.

For the foundational services to keep our economy and country functioning, we need government to regulate vehicle registration, collect taxes, wage war, enforce a legal framework for conducting business, and operate a credible criminal justice system to avoid our society devolving to private vigilante redress of crime. Those type of services belong in the realm of government.

Providing the goods and services for everyday life? That belongs in the realm of the private sector.

If you love your smart phone or YouTube or FaceBook or use Uber or Twitter or Amazon or WordPress, then you also love capitalism.

Check out the video for more detail and a better explanation.


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