Crony capitalism kills off eagles and other raptors

When a government picks one industry over another and gives the favored one special treatment, it is called Crony Capitalism.

That is the same description used when a government goes after one industry for breaking the law and turns a blind eye to another industry doing the same thing.

That is exactly what federal policy the California AG are doing about migratory birds and protected raptors that are killed by the so-called ‘clean energy’ industry.

Migratory birds killed in the storage lagoons used for oil drilling draw civil and criminal enforcement from the feds. When hundreds of protected raptors are killed every year by the wind farms, the federal and California state governments look the other way.

In fact, a wind farm in the upper Midwest has received blessings to file an application for official permission to kill a maximum of 15 eagles a year for the next 30 years. They don’t have permission to off that many eagles, just an official okay to file the application.

I’ve discussed this on my other blog, Outrun Change.

My posts on the slice-and-dice industry:

Could someone explain to me why this is moral?

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