Here’s a picture of life without evil capitalism – you may not like what you see

What would life be like without those greedy, evil, money-grubbing capitalists trying to make a buck off consumers? Maybe an Edenic paradise flowing with economic equality and abundant consumer products for everyone?

Not quite.

Check out this view of life without the profit motive, meaning no one has an incentive to provide you with anything.  The video is a play on the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, wherein George Bailey gets to see what the world would be like without him. In this movie, our hero gets to see what’s left over when the profit motive disappears.

That’s called It’s a Wonderful Life (with Capitalism) from The Fund for American Studies.

One of several fun comments from the video:

Everything that’s missing, whether you’re talking about your breakfast cereal or your hair gel didn’t just appear by magic.  No.

They were invented, developed, distributed, and sold to you by people that wanted to do what? Make a profit.

Ipso facto, you take away the profit, you take away the incentive to make the products.

Without a profit motive, nobody has the incentive to invent or develop or distribute or stock or sell anything.


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