In a paragraph, here’s why we will see a lot more reshoring

Mark J. Perry calls attention to a company that makes bracelets and charms for colleges and sororities – Manufacturing Boom in Michigan, Partly Due to Reshoring; U.S. Factories are Competitive Again

The company brought its manufacturing back from China.

The reason they did so as described by Prof. Perry, is the same reason there will be a lot more companies that do so: (more…)

Reshoring – huge opportunity if we want it and a skill-set challenge we can overcome

Manufacturing jobs keep coming back to the U.S.

Mark Perry points to an article in Financial Times, Business returns to US as Asia loses edge (free registration required).

Rapidly rising wages in China are changing the equation on where it makes sense to locate plants.  Here’s what that picture looks like, in a comment from Mr. Bruce Cochrane, who opened up a furniture plant in North Carolina. The FT article says: