Why I chose a gun. Evil exists.

General Peter van Uhm is the Netherlands chief of defense. In the following TED presentation, he explains why he chose a gun to make the world a better place. Others choose a pen or brush.

He intentionally picked up a gun.

I’ve not talked about my military service on my blogs. His presentation is a superb proxy for why I took my turn carrying a gun, especially one that held frightening power.

Here’s the reason in one phrase: (more…)

I’ll be treated as I deserve – you can have that in capitalism combined with democracy

Recently watched one of my favorite movies again.  Gettysburg tells some of the story of that famous battle.

I like one monologue in particular, one between Col. Chamberlain and Sgt. Kilrain.  There is a beautiful illustration of the freedom to accomplish what you can.

The scene: